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What is cobalt?

This is a high-tech metal, 42% of the world's production is involved in making batteries, and the rest is used in military and industry. Cobalt is an indispensable element for the production of all smartphones, computers, electric and hybrid vehicles, solar energy storage systems.

Cobalt And The Markets

What Is Cobalt And Cobalt Markets

Why cobalt?

The rapid development of the markets of electronics, electric cars, space and military technologies leads to a constant increase in the demand for parts and components. Even today, cobalt reserves are not enough to satisfy all the needs of the world market. In the near future, the rapid consumption of this high-tech metal is expected to increase, which will lead to an increase in its price.
The demand for cobalt is growing every day. The forecast of the world deficit is 885 tons in 2018, 3345 tons in 2019 and 5340 tons in 2020
Cobalt is present in every electric car, smartphone, computer, and the demand for cobalt is directly proportional to the growth of production markets for these products
For 6 months of 2017, the cost of cobalt on commodity exchanges increased by 100% from $30,000 to $60,000 per ton

Completed projects

The construction of mining headquarters "Taldinskoye-Yuzhnoye" commissioned by the JSC "Shahtoupravlenie"Taldinskoye-Yuzhnoye"
Annual production capacity: 3 Million tons
Technical design of coal reserves mining by the open method at the Prirezka Subsoil plot of the Prokopyevsko-Kiselevskoye coal deposit commissioned by JSC "Prokopyevsky Coal Mine"
Annual production capacity: 2 Million tons
Engineering and technical surveys and designing the transport infrastructure of the Moscow DomodedovoAirport commissioned by "Domodedovo Construction Management"
Exploration for roadside quarries for the construction of the Moscow-Kazan section of the high-speed railway line "Moscow-Kazan-Yekaterinburg" commissioned by "Mosgiprotrans"
Opencast mining operations on the "Vostochny" section commissioned by JSC HC "СDС-Ugol"
Work performed: loading of the rock mass, coal mining
More than 400 projects implemented by the group of companies for 11 years

About the cobalt field

The cobalt-nickel-bismuth deposit "Kuruozek" is located in the Kosh-Agach region of the Altai Republic. The ore-bearing layer up to 30 m thick lies at a depth of 300 m below the surface (the angle of incidence is from 55 to 75 degrees, the layer is already opened at a depth of 50 m from the surface and traced to a depth of 300 m). The ore contains about 1% of cobalt and tungsten, more than 3% of copper, 0.5% of nickel, 0.4% of bismuth, 0,47 grams of gold and more than 4,85 grams of silver per ton of rock. Taking into account the two satellites deposits, the total reserves of the field are 33,000 tons of cobalt, 12,000 tons of tungsten, 52,000 tons of copper, 14,000 tons of nickel, 16,000 tons of bismuth, and more than 6,000 tons of gold and silver.
268 highly qualified specialists work in the group of companies of the project
Evgeny Onischenko
The founder of the project, the head of the of economy, finance and investment direction
Evgeny has a degree in informatics and economics and now is a candidate for a degree in technical sciences. The entrepreneur and a head of engineering company. Has experience of management of the company-contractor in the direction of opencast mining.
Pavel Kotovshchikov
The founder of the project, the head of the direction of interaction with local authorities
Has 15 years of experience in one of the leading secret services of the world. In 2016, he resigned as the head of an independent unit with the purpose of joining the project. In CobaltCoin, he interacts with all federal and local authorities and responsible for public relations and business development.
Daniel Poklonov
The founder of the project, the head of the direction of design and technical developments
Head and one of the founders of LLC "Kuznetsk Engineering Company". This company has been on the market for 11 years and is involved in complex engineering for mining companies. Daniel has professional skills in mining, finance, and public administration.
Mikhail Borisov
Chief geologist of the project
Mikhail has an extensive experience in supervisory authorities, extractive industries, and design. He is competent in the field of geology and mining.
Alexander Perunov
Director for project work
Alexander has competence in mining and economy. He has experience in running a mining enterprise, as well as interacting with various public authorities which are regulating the sphere of geology, ecology and subsoil use.
Andrei Sobolev
Chief Project Engineer
Directly supervises the project and working documentation. He has competence in the field of mining.
Vitaly Ermakov
The head of the commercial direction, responsible for the mining enterprises products sales
He has considerable experience in international trade relations and previously worked as a commercial director in a large mining company.
Sergey Getman
Technical specialist in the field of coal preparation and construction of concentrators
He is in the mining industry since 1991. From 1991 to 1998 Worked at the Sorsk Molybdenum Combine first as director of the representative office of the plant in the UK, then as a commercial director and deputy finance director. From 2000 to 2005 worked in OJSC "Coal Company" Kuzbassrazrezugol", and was responsible for supplying the company's enterprises with material and technical resources and fulfilling supplies of equipment under the investment program. In 2014, he became the director of the company "New Enrichment Technology", which is the official representative of the Chinese state-owned BHEC company and operates in the field of designing coal preparation plants and the production of equipment for the enrichment of coal.
Anton Rozhansky
Blocking specialist, IT project consultant, programmer and entrepreneur in the direction of IT
Anton has successful experience in implementing projects with a decentralized management system.
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Road map

November 2016
Deposit study, feasibility study preparation
March 2017
The formation of the project team, the search for technical partners
October 2017
work with investors and investment funds
November 2017 - June 2018
Geological exploration, enterprise design
July 2018 - December 2018
Construction of the first stage of the mining-and-processing plant
January 2019
January 2022
The company's IPO

Reliability and guarantees

We guarantee 100% efficiency of investments in the project
Many years of experience and a strong team of true professionals
Full information about the project is in general access with the report for each stage
Product with a constant demand increase in the market
The basis of the project is a real production with full social and environmental responsibility
The investor has the right to 100% refund on demand
The basis of production is an innovative technology for extracting cobalt from ore
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The price of cobalt on the exchange

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